Auto Future Tech
About Auto Future Tech

Established in 2013, Auto Future Tech is Qatar’s official distributor for Continental, the leading global manufacturer of tires, and Castrol, the prominent provider of lubrication technology and FIAMM, the multinational company of automotive and industrial start-up batteries.

Auto Future Tech is built around providing a professional explanation of product features and service options for the car to reassure customers as regards their vehicle’s technical requirements. This provides customers with the confidence to choose the most suitable tires, lubricants and batteries for their driving needs. The application of technology ensures customers that their car is being serviced by expert technicians and allows them to monitor their car’s status and progress in a comfortable waiting area.

Auto Future Tech has opened warehousing facilities across the country and has plans to expand rapidly within the next few years. As authorized importer, Auto Future Tech also distributes Castrol lubricants, Continental tires and FIAMM batteries to local dealers of major car brands and independent retailers.

Its expansion was illustrated by the opening of its branch in Al Khor in 2016, extending its service to offer: Buy, Sell and Trade-in (New/Used Cars), Oil Change (Castrol official distributor), Tires Fitting, Balancing and Alignment (Continental official distributor), Brake Services and Mechanics, Electrical Servicing (FIAMM Batteries official distributor), A/C Servicing, Smart Repair, Polishing and Tinting Glass, Car Wash, Spare Parts and Computer Check-up.